A Call For Presenters!!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services is pleased to announce the return of interpreter and ITP student workshops!

We are looking for innovative presenters to provide quality workshops for the interpreting community.

Presenters will be compensated for their teaching time

  • Maybe you have been to a workshop and want to recommend it to us?
  • Maybe you are currently working with deaf/hard of hearing consumers and you could bring some insight to us about your work with them in general and we could build a workshop around it?
  • Maybe you are deaf and could come and share your stories and the students would work on their voicing and receptive skills?
  • Maybe you know of someone who would be perfect for this?

Please see attached flyers for more information.
Workshop presenter application
Call for Workshop Presenters

Any questions – please contact me!

DHHS thanks you in advance for your consideration and support.

Deb Atwood
Business Manager