Clear Choice Agency Partners With D&HHS For Fundraising!

Clear Choice Allstate Insurance Agency is happy to announce a fund raising partnership with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services in Grand Rapids!

How can you help?

NOW through January 31 anyone who receives a quote from Clear Choice for their personal insurance needs will earn DHHS a $10 Referral Reward. This is not contingent upon the sale of insurance, simply the quote.

How do I get a quote?

You can fill out the Quote Request Form and submit it to D&HHS who will then submit it to Clear Choice – or you can contact Clear Choice Agency directly by calling 616-984-0603 and stating that you are calling to support D&HHS with a Referral Reward. One of our agents will prepare the quote and notify D&HHS of another Referral Reward credited to them.

Who is Clear Choice Agency?
We are a group of local West Michigan folks who have a heart for D&HHS and the work that they do. Most of us attend a local church that supports D&HHS and has an interpreter at every service. Once we were made aware of the need for funds, we wanted to do what we could to make a difference. This is but one opportunity for us to do that. We are also working with Allstate Corporate to secure a matching fund donation for this campaign for up to $1,000 in matching funds donations. Together, we can make a difference and we want to thank you for helping us support D&HHS! Be blessed and be a blessing!

Jeff Anderson
Davin Risk
Bridget Shangle
Miranda White
Matthew Sayilik
“Lilly” Anderson- our furry mascot