Community Education

Our Community Education program offers several services:  American Sign Language classes, presentations, in-service training and deaf empowerment workshops. See which one fits your needs and contact us.


American Sign Language I, II, and Conversational ASL classes are offered in Grand Rapids, and Holland. Grand Haven currently only offers ASL 1 and 2. Lansing and Ostego currently only offers ASL 1.

Who takes ASL classes? Parents, neighbors, employees, employers, or friends of a deaf individual, and people who are simply interested in American Sign Language! Our courses runs for 8 weeks.

We are primarily a voice-off class, and students will be immersed in American Sign Language.

Our Spring 2017 ASL classes begin April 3 – 7.
Summer 2017 ASL classes begin July 10 – 14. Find link to register below.  ASL Registration Form – Summer 2017
Fall 2017 ASL classes begin September 11 – 15.

ASL I  – learn ABCs, numbers, names, family, sentence structures, and deaf culture basics.

ASL II – learn advanced vocabulary, and introduction to deeper concepts with ASL, such as classifiers and rhetorical questions. We also teach basic deaf history in this course.

Conversational ASL – learn advanced classifiers, pronouns, dialogue and sentences, learn how to converse with each other in daily settings.

We provide off-site classes upon request. We offer classes for places of employment or mental health organizations so they can communicate with employees, customers, or clients. We tailor the curriculum to your needs.

Individual tutoring lessons are customized to fit your needs, your budget, and your skill level.

Tutoring is $30/hour for a minimum of 4 hours. Beyond 4 hours, it is $35/hour.  At this time we have no free tutoring or tutoring scholarships available. A payment plan may be set up. Tutoring may be held onsite at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, or offsite at your place of employment or at public places.


We offer lipreading classes for anyone who wants to learn or improve their lipreading skills. This can come in very useful if you struggle with communication, especially in noisy rooms.


We offer deaf empowerment workshops in ASL to members of the deaf community based on different topics, including advocacy, interpreter issues, iPad and iPhone use, and general topics.

Contact us at 616.828.0186 (vp), 616.732.7358 (v) or email to suggest/volunteer workshop topics.