D&HHS Awarded $75,000 To Assist Senior Citizens With Hearing Aids and Assistive Devices

(Grand Rapids, MI, August 11, 2016) — Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (D&HHS) is pleased to announce that they received funding from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to support D&HHS’ Hearing Assistive Technology program, focused on providing senior citizens (aged 60 and above), who meet the grant requirements, with hearing aids and various hADAPT2earing assistive devices such as smoke alarms with strobe lights, telephone amplifiers and more. This program is aimed at benefitting the health and wellness of Michigan’s Deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens, so they may live independently.

Hearing Assistive Technology Specialist Nancy Cluley states, “I’m excited about this opportunity, knowing that we can now better serve the hard-of-hearing and deaf senior citizens of West Michigan, who need hearing aids and devices in order to live independently. For instance, oftentimes senior citizens with hearing loss cannot hear the doorbell, and if they do not have coping skills or resources, they will leave their doors unlocked so their visitors may enter at any time. This leaves the senior citizens, at the very least, in a very vulnerable position for theft and physical harm. With the Michigan Health Endowment Fund’s support, we can now help prevent these tragedies.”

For those who need assistance with obtaining hearing aids and assistive devices, please contact Nancy Cluley at 616-732-7358×208 or email ncluley@deafhhs.org

About Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Deaf, Inc., dba Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, is an independent 501(c)3 agency serving Grand Rapids and surrounding areas since 1996 (incorporated in 2002). Its mission is to provide equal communication access, education and advocacy to the hard-of-hearing and Deaf in pursuit of all life’s opportunities. For more information, visit www.deafhhs.org.

About Michigan Health Endowment Fund
The Michigan Health Endowment Fund was established to improve the health of Michigan residents and reduce the cost of health care with special emphasis on the health and wellness of children and seniors. The Fund was created through the passage of Public Act 4 of 2013, which authorized certain changes to how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) operates in the state. For additional information about the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, visit mhealthfund.com or call 517-374-0031.