Family American Sign Language Classes Session II

Starting August 7th at 6:00 p.m, at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

We now are offering our second session of Family American Sign Language classes. Why should you learn ASL with your family?

9 Benefits of Teaching and Reinforcing Sign Language with your child:

1. Sign Language provides the ability to communicate earlier than speech

2. Earlier communication can decrease tantrum behavior

3. Teaching Sign Language can increase your child’s vocabulary and language skills

4. It can also increase your child’s reading and spelling skills and possibly IQ

5. Learning Sign Language together can be a wonderful bonding experience

6. It can increase their visual and joint attention skills

7. Sign Language will help promote a child’s fine motor skills

8. Knowing Sign Language will provide hearing children an opportunity to communicate with those who are Deaf.

9. Learning Sign Language is FUN!!!

We welcome children of all ages. Session II offers a different curriculum than Session I.  Classes will include: topic of the day activities, take-aways and group discussion. Classes will meet every Thursday at 6p.m. am for 1 hour for 4 weeks. Cost of class $35 per adult, up to 2 kids per adult no charge.

Scholarships available by HLAA of GR!

Contact Deb Atwood for additional questions or to register. 616-732-7358 or email

ASL Family registration Summer 2014