Interpreter Services

Under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II,  deaf and hard of hearing consumers have the right to effective communication.  That includes communication in the legal, medical, educational, employment and other settings.


DHHS contracts over 50 certified state- and national-level interpreters.   They have a Quality Assurance (QA) state level, a Board of Evaluation for Interpreters (BEI) state level, or a National Interpreter Certification (NIC) national level.  They carry a card which indicates the level they are certified with.  If you have questions about what each certification level qualifies them for, in terms of job complexity and difficulty, please contact us.

When a deaf or hard of hearing individual requests an interpreter for their meeting or appointment, the person who receives the request from them may call DHHS and we will send an interpreter to the designated place and time. The steps are effortless and hassle-free for the person requesting it.  Visit the Overview & Fees and Request a Sign Language Interpreter to become familiar with our process, fees, and how to request an interpreter.

If you have a complaint about an interpreter or a business, call our office at (616) 732-7358 (v) or (616) 828-0186 (vp).