On November 4, 2017 get ready to learn some great new techniques and practice those newly-acquired skills at our next session in the workshop line-up.  "Keep Your Fingers, CROSSED!" with professional seasoned interpreter, Jo Dishaw, BEI II.  See you in November! 


Date: 12/2/17

Back by popular demand! Ray Thomas is ready to answer your tax questions. Get ready to learn the basics of tax rules, regulations, and laws. You'll learn which records you need to keep for the end of the year claims. This will be interactive, educational, and fun.


American Sign Language I, II, III and Conversational ASL classes are offered in Grand Rapids. Holland, Hudsonville, Zeeland, Grand Haven, and Lansing currently only offers ASL 1 and 2.  Big Rapids currently only offers ASL 1.

Who takes ASL classes? Parents, neighbors, employees, employers, or friends of a deaf individual, and people who are simply interested in American Sign Language! Our courses runs for 8 weeks.

ASL I  – learn ABCs, numbers, names, family, sentence structures, and deaf culture basics.

ASL II & III – learn advanced vocabulary, and introduction to deeper concepts with ASL, such as classifiers and rhetorical questions. We also teach basic deaf history in this course.

Conversational ASL – learn advanced classifiers, pronouns, dialogue and sentences, learn how to converse with each other in daily settings.


Arraignment to Sentencing: A Walk Through A Criminal Trial


A workshop for ASL interpreters: this is a very interactive workshop with a tour of a Kent County courtroom and their holding cells. It is a basic introduction to legal terminology and process related to criminal proceedings. The workshop will cover arraignment to sentencing. You will be introduced to who’s who and what’s what in a courtroom, the movement of a person who is in custody within the court building, and timing of a criminal case, and the Miranda Warning. You will have hands-on practice interpreting the Miranda Warning, and learn about interpreting in the criminal process, teaming, and using CDIs. There will also be a discussion about the CPC and NCSC code of ethics. This is a workshop you do not want to miss!

DeafBlind 101


Join us and gain the essentials of Interpreting for DeafBlind individuals. Through hands on activities, role playing, lectures and group work, participants will practice the skills needed to work with DeafBlind consumers and learn about the various modes of communication they use.

This workshop is geared toward Deaf, Sign Language Interpreters and ITP Students.



This year's Mayfest will be held at the Bridgewater Place (333 Bridge St, Grand Rapids, MI 49504) We will have an auction and a cash bar.

Tickets are $35 per person. After April 28, the price increases to $45. Call Bob Spaman at 616-732-7358x206 or email finance@deafhhs.org to purchase your ticket.

Kids Kamp


 If you are interested in participating in our 9th Annual KidSigns Kamp, it will take place the week of July 17 – 21, 2017.

 It only costs $60 per child, or $110 for two to four children. Email Renita at Kidsigns@deafhhs.org to submit registration form. To submit payment, contact Bob at finance@deafhhs.org.
For scholarship forms, please contact Deb Atwood at 616-732-7358x206 or datwood@deafhhs.org.

TeenSign Camp


This will be an amazing experience for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing teenagers! They are sure to bond over the incredible experience. Oftentimes, these children do not have opportunities to go on adventures such as this, and this is guaranteed to be a memorable event for them, and give them the self-confidence and skills to go onto bigger things.
Register your teen today for our camp! It's only $45 per camper.

Email Renita at Kidsigns@deafhhs.org to submit registration form. 
Note: Scholarships are available for those who meet our requirements. Please contact Deb Atwood at datwood@deafhhs.org for information on scholarships.

Silent Celebration


We’ll have hot dogs, burgers, water, children games, expo booths and a silent auction!   
A minimum of a $7 donation fro adults and $5 for kids is appreciated. Please note that no dogs, except service dogs, are allowed.  See you there!